… or at least, Happy New Year in advance! 🤗 🎊 🥂 🎉 Okay, so I figured I’d better write this post before I get knee dip in champagne, prosecco, gin and whatever else the driver from Amazon delivers (I went really lazy this year – didn’t even leave the house to go shopping). I don’t even know … Continue Reading

Today, we got an alert saying that Hand Luggage Only (yup, the very same one you’re reading this on right now), just hit the 1 million monthly page views milestone. 1 Million!!! WOW!!! 🎉 I can’t even fully process it – mostly because I can’t picture 1 million of one thing in the same place. … Continue Reading

3 years ago, to this day exactly, in my college room back at Cambridge University I found myself with a free day. This almost never happened! See, you know the way you see photos of students at Uni fooling around and kicking it in the pub on a Saturday? That wasn’t our lot on my course. … Continue Reading

… yeah, you know its coming so grab yourself a glass of bubbly while I sit down and brace yourself while I sing your praises! 😀 But first, I’m going to break with protocol and talk a bit more about numbers. This year, we’ve seen numbers on the blog grow to amounts we couldn’t even … Continue Reading

Yup! You heard that right! You didn’t think I was going to leave you off the celebrations now did you? Seeing as you’re probably stocking up on the Christmas and that special bottle of champagne to see in the New Year, the kind folks at 31Dover.com are giving away a classic bottle of Moet and … Continue Reading

Okay, I have total ‘office-lust’ today! I’m not a fan of grey, old offices that seem boring! who is, right?!? I would love to meet this person that decided that drab, grey offices seemed perfect environments for people to spend the better portion of their working lives in! They deserve a good telling off! 🙂 Most … Continue Reading

** Competitions now closed** It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these but seeing as summer time is upon us and lots of holiday planning has started, I figured it makes sense to pull together this starter for 10 and hopefully, in some little way, help you see more of the world.. and … Continue Reading

So, in the post where I showed you around my home – along with some knick-knacks in it, there was one item that definitely caught everyone’s eye and that, (unsurprisingly, seeing as we all love travel) is the World Map artwork on the wall. Personally, it was one of those things where the moment I saw it, I … Continue Reading

I’d been meaning to do this post since I moved into the flat in London somehow just managed to keep procrastinating on it and today I just figured I might as well just go ahead and do it. I’m going a bit more personal today and I’m gonna share with you snippets from my home. … Continue Reading

My home decor preferences tend to go across the range, I like minimalist clean living spaces with white walls (as these bounce off more light and make the room seem spacious which is a big deal in London where houses are smaller in size relative to the rest of the country). I also like rustic, … Continue Reading

A photo diary from our New Year’s Eve celebrations plus a sneak peak into my new flat! Been meaning to put these up a few days ago but didn’t quite get round to it till now. Better late than never I say! I also promise to do a more detailed post on the new flat! … Continue Reading

** Competitions now closed** I’m always on the hunt for ways to help you (and myself, of course), travel the world as free as possible and so for the final “Starter for 10” for 2014, I’ve put together a list to help you get your 2015 travel plans kick started! The only thing better than … Continue Reading

Twas the night before Christmas…. The cat was getting drunk on mulled wine… Santa, all ready for Christmas, took a bit of time off for some festive golf… …before heading out to deliver presents! Unfortunately however, Rudolph wasn’t having any of it! So Santa had to resort to more creative ways to deliver the presents… … Continue Reading

House hunting in London is one of the most stressful things you can do in the UK. It is probably what whoever coined the term “Rat Race” had in mind when he/she did. It’s genuinely exhausting and unbelievably time-consuming but after moving homes quite a few times in London, I’ve become something of an old … Continue Reading